February 9, 2016
if you’re in New York you could go to this

Book launch at BookCourt in Brooklyn on Feb. 26
for Flashed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose

I’m not in the event, but I’m in the book.

February 1, 2016
Triple Point

Here’s the annual program art for the sixth FOGcon, whose theme this year is Transformations. Special guests at the convention are Jo Walton, Ted Chiang, Donna Haraway, and the late Octavia Butler. Special guests in the illustration are a red squirrel, a lake trout, and… I’m not sure. Click for larger size.

Triple Point

November 22, 2015

Just wanted to draw some creatures and buildings and things, but it’s possible that some allegory got in there somehow. Four-page comic.

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Assembly Instructions

One reason I don’t do a lot of memoir stuff is that a lot of the things I can remember that are kind of interesting or funny are also drenched in self-pity and/or make me look like a confused, immature ass. That may be realistic but do you really want to be stuck in that point of view for very long? Well, this one is short and at least has a useful message about communication (i.e. it’s a good idea to do some). I also got to draw our friend the Ikea Diagram Person.

Assembly Instructions
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November 4, 2015
cast of characters


October 24, 2015


Some nurses I drew from random Internet articles. There are so many ridiculous stock photos out there, it’s hard to find ones that actually look like people working at a job.

October 10, 2015


August 27, 2015

Fire with Fire

text from Daphne Gottlieb’s story “Fire with Fire” in Pretty Much Dead

July 15, 2015


from an unfortunately true story that happened long ago, featuring Distressed Ikea Man

July 14, 2015
she’s on the money

Pigeon portrait

One possible option, though not the most serious one, for replacing Andrew Jackson (as well as a crosshatching exercise). Pigeon was a character I drew for a brief story long ago and she’s haunted my sketchbooks ever since; just a well-meaning Luftmensch with her own style.

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