August 27, 2015

Fire with Fire

text from Daphne Gottlieb’s story “Fire with Fire” in Pretty Much Dead

July 15, 2015


from an unfortunately true story that happened long ago, featuring Distressed Ikea Man

July 14, 2015
she’s on the money

Pigeon portrait

One possible option, though not the most serious one, for replacing Andrew Jackson (as well as a crosshatching exercise). Pigeon was a character I drew for a brief story long ago and she’s haunted my sketchbooks ever since; just a well-meaning Luftmensch with her own style.

July 3, 2015
information technology

information technology



July 1, 2015
may I

May I

The “your doctor” line was repeated many times by one of my high-school science teachers. No one ever thought it was funny.

June 5, 2015
backs of heads on Muni

backs of heads on Muni

May 26, 2015
Don Draper’s desk

Don's desk

(set installation from the Mad Men exhibit at Museum of the Moving Image)

McCarren Park, Brooklyn


New York Metropolitan Transit Authority


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