August 4, 2019
The Scarlet Plague

This isn’t exactly new, but I hadn’t put it online before. It’s Jack London’s story of how disaster came to the futuristic world of 2013. I removed all of the action and exactly 97.95% of the words; otherwise it’s basically the same thing.

August 20, 2018

If anyone’s been wondering about Busybody #2……. last fall, I was getting close to done with it. Then a bunch of stuff happened. I don’t know what the plan is now, but I do hope to continue some day.

November 16, 2017
Day of the Devourer

Here’s a new 8-page comic about compulsive behavior and how on the Internet no one knows you’re a wolf-man. Also, some naked butts.

September 3, 2017
more loot

New stuff in the Etsy store: 1. the ridiculously labor-intensive paper version of “Spex”; 2. 8.5×11″ inkjet prints of an illustration I’m pretty happy with; 3. a short minicomic collecting two hospital-related stories that are otherwise hard to find in print.

August 29, 2017

Here’s a slightly interactive comic that’s not safe for work, unless your job involves a lot of nudity. If you’ve seen X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes, you might have some idea where this is going but it ends up in a different place, thank goodness—actually it ends up one of two ways, depending on how long you linger over the second part of the comic (pay attention when a red progress meter appears). Click the misleading ad below to read the whole thing.

This was originally made for a webcomics workshop taught by Joyce Rice, who gave some very helpful feedback but isn’t responsible for anything terrible about the comic.

For more about the actual object that inspired this, see Wikipedia.

August 28, 2017

Two places I’ll be exhibiting soon:

Sunday, Sept. 3, in San Francisco: SF Zine Fest

Saturday, Nov. 4, in Seattle: Short Run Comix & Arts Festival

August 11, 2017
work in progress

for Busybody #2

July 16, 2017
a dollar poorly spent

nostalgia for false advertising of yesteryear

June 27, 2017
Busybody #1

Hey, I made a new minicomic—supposedly the first in a series. It has big pages, color, expensiveness, humor, fear, fantasy, realism, dreams, health care, and all kinds of stuff.

You can find out more about it here.

some people at the Comics & Medicine Conference

Hillary Chute; Caroline Shooner; Pat Guizzetti; Susan McLeod; Davida Pines; Amerisa Waters; Georgia Webber; Kurt Shaffert; Kelly Froh; Lisa Diedrich; Jenny Blenk; Sharon Rosenzweig; Rupert Kinnard; Katja Herges; Charlotte Wu; Kaia Chessen; E.T. Russian; Kimberly Myers; Neil Phillips; Javier Granda Revilla; Erin Cole; stef lenk; Brian Callender; Michele Noiset; Esther Bendit Saltzman; Rumi Clinton; MK Czierwic; Ian Williams; May May Leung; Sierra Nelson

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