August 28, 2017

Two places I’ll be exhibiting soon:

Sunday, Sept. 3, in San Francisco: SF Zine Fest

Saturday, Nov. 4, in Seattle: Short Run Comix & Arts Festival

June 27, 2017
some people at the Comics & Medicine Conference

Hillary Chute; Caroline Shooner; Pat Guizzetti; Susan McLeod; Davida Pines; Amerisa Waters; Georgia Webber; Kurt Shaffert; Kelly Froh; Lisa Diedrich; Jenny Blenk; Sharon Rosenzweig; Rupert Kinnard; Katja Herges; Charlotte Wu; Kaia Chessen; E.T. Russian; Kimberly Myers; Neil Phillips; Javier Granda Revilla; Erin Cole; stef lenk; Brian Callender; Michele Noiset; Esther Bendit Saltzman; Rumi Clinton; MK Czierwic; Ian Williams; May May Leung; Sierra Nelson

more about this

June 5, 2017
Seattle conference

After not having done any conventions for a couple years, I’m going to a thing: the annual Comics & Medicine Conference is happening at the Seattle Public Library, June 15-17. This is mostly an academic crowd with an educational and therapeutic focus, but they like fiction and humor and whatever too, and I have an affinity for this kind of stuff even though my own health-care career is a thing of the past now. Thanks to Thi Bui for telling me about this group.

I’ll be there mostly to learn about other people’s work, but I’ll also be doing a 5-minute presentation in one of their “lightning talk” sessions about a nursing-related story I’ve been working on. And I’ll be sitting at a little table at their brief book-selling event—with luck, premiering a new minicomic; more about that soon.

February 9, 2016
if you’re in New York you could go to this

Book launch at BookCourt in Brooklyn on Feb. 26
for Flashed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose

I’m not in the event, but I’m in the book.

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