July 16, 2017
a dollar poorly spent

nostalgia for false advertising of yesteryear

January 11, 2017
a balanced diet


plus an early 20th century Converse shoe

November 29, 2016
crab shells, mussel shells, human teeth


For a story I’m working on adapting. Whoever guesses what it is wins… I don’t know, some mayonnaise?

May 14, 2016


May 8, 2016
cast of characters, 2

cast of characters

April 24, 2016
cast of characters

cast of characters

November 4, 2015
cast of characters


August 27, 2015

Fire with Fire

text from Daphne Gottlieb’s story “Fire with Fire” in Pretty Much Dead

July 3, 2015
information technology

information technology

April 19, 2015
it was an amazing minute

an amazing minute

(for this)

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