Answer all questions truthfully. Trust your first impulse.

1. When you have your picture taken, do you:
2. Do you wear:
3. Someone bumps into you on the street. Do you:
4. For your parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary, you:
5. Which would you rather have?
6. You are given an assignment to improve the employee manual. You:
7. Which do you prefer?
8. You are stuck in a stalled elevator with someone of whom you are fond. The lights go out. You:
9. You are invited to a party. Do you:
10. Your hero is:
11. When answering the phone, you say:
12. In an intimate moment, you find yourself calling out the wrong person's name. You:
13. On your day off, you like to:
14. When confronting an important decision, you feel more comfortable:
15. You find a thick wallet at your subway stop. You are alone. You:
16. A woman and a baby are trapped in two different rooms in a burning building. The phone lines have been cut. The woman is terminally ill, but the baby is predisposed to criminal insanity. You are ten minutes late to an important interview. What approach would best serve the interests of all concerned?
17. You are traveling alone in a foreign country and you are arrested. What do you do?
18. You value:


Counting your answers to the odd-numbered questions reveals your

Force Process Type.

Counting your answers to the even-numbered questions reveals your

Vision Process Type.

Combining the core process types, all people have one of four fundamental personalities on the

Force-Vision Matrix:
Embracer Thug
Soothsayer Mr. Rogers Dracula
Auditor Barney Bill Gates
You are .