People who weren't me decided to put these things on paper.

in anthologies

"[from] The Scarlet Plague", 6 pp, in Sci-Fi San Francisco (Skoda Man Press, 2017). A dreamlike condensation of Jack London's end-of-the-world novel from 1912. Read it here.

"Bloom", 4 pp, in Flashed: Sudden Stories in Comics and Prose (Pressgang, 2016). Allegorical immobile emotional shenanigans on a raft in a crowded club. The format of this anthology was that people had to adapt or respond to the person before them, and I was lucky that the person before me was Myla Goldberg.

"The Witness", 10 pp, in Ghost Comics (Bare Bones Press, 2009). The ghost of a dinosaur drifts through time. Read it here (also available as a minicomic).

"The Supervisor", 1 p, in Hi-Horse Omnibus (Alternative Comics, 2004), and in The Best American Comics 2006 (Houghton Mifflin, 2006). About my grandmother.

"People Don't Listen", 2 pp, in Bogus Dead (Alternative Comics, 2002). Compulsive argumentativeness vs. zombies. Read it here.

in zines

"The Drip", 6 pp, in Not My Small Diary #12 (Delaine Derry Green, 2005). A creepy true-life tale of late-night anxiety. Read it here (also available in a minicomic).