what they said

(The Witness)
"Something about his airy, elegant line ... prevents The Witness from ever feeling dreary or didactic. ... [It] ended up being much more chilling to me than most stories about shuffling off this mortal coil." - Sean Collins, Attentiondeficitdisorderly
(An Inside Job)
"Erratic, angry, adventurous, mysterious and sexual .... a unique deviation from what one can usually expect when opening a self-referential minicomic ... his daring, uninhibited stories become a really interesting read." - Sarah Morean, The Daily Crosshatch
"I'm convinced it deserves to be incredibly popular and read by a bunch of people .... great, visceral reading." - Austin English, The Comics Journal online
"I can't say that I really took much away from the experience of reading An Inside Job, but I did enjoy it. .... [A] strange way of knowing its author, excised from concrete reality, constructed entirely through remembered dreams." - Matt Fagan, Xerography Debt
"The dreams have a wry and sadly familiar mixture of embarrassment (nudity! fights! loneliness!) and logic." - Gavin Grant, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
"The artist [Hob] will remind most of is David Lasky—both use figures that seem to spring from fertile ground that exists somewhere between European albums, Beatles animation and the more fluid figure work of the New Yorker-style cartoonists, and both use that limber quality to good effect in crafting well-paced narratives. .... [I]t's sort of like watching a talented ballplayer settle into a comfortable groove at the minor leagues; the skill level on display offers some pleasure, but one wishes there were something more at stake." - Tom Backhandedcompliments Spurgeon, The Comics Reporter
[A glowing two-sentence review I can't quote here because Violet forbids quotation in any Internet venue.] - Violet Jones, The Free Press Death Ship