Annotation - Chapter 9, Page 56

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map detail: Littl Salting, Dog Et, How, and Crippel the Farn
As seen earlier, farm communities have begun to displace hunter-gatherers, with aggressive support from the government.

See Littl Salting and Dog Et in Places.

Salt and savor are recurring images throughout the book. Littl Salting's name is particularly appropriate to the novel due to the three alternate definitions for salting cited by BJB: "1. Wet land that is very close to the sea, so can be flooded by salt water. 2. A labor union tactic used to organize a union ... labor union members (salts) hire on at a non-union business. 3. Colloquial name for a kind of land scam where minerals or other resources are scattered on a piece of property so they can be 'discovered' by a prospective buyer."