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The mystical elements and interconnected symbols in Riddley Walker are intimately connected with numbers—or, as Riddley always abbreviates and capitalizes, Nos.

One and two: The 1 Big 1 is both the ultimate secret sought by Eusa and the source of ultimate destruction; the 1 Littl 1 is its counterpart on a more human scale. Duality and division are recurring themes, especially in the Eusa story where Eusa's two dogs lead him to the Littl Shyning Man, who is then torn in half ("Lukin for the 1 yu wil aul ways fyn thay 2 ... Thay 2 is 2ce as bad as the 1"). The Big 2 are the heads of state.

Three: The ingredients of the 1 Littl 1; Eusa and his two sons; Punch's family; the three strokes of the Eusa scar; the three fingers used for a hand puppet.

Four: Eusa's original family, reunited in death; Salt 4; the four classical elements.

Nine: The number of towns in Fools Circel 9wys, where the 45 Eusa folk are kept; in Celtic tradition, the eight directions plus the {{Ix|center}; in Greek mythology, the number of the Muses. BF

Twelve: Riddley's age (and Lissener's); the number of points on the stag's horns in the Eusa story; calendar months and zodiac signs; the "judgd men number" of a jury; Jesus's disciples.